But don't just take our word for it...

We were searching for an activity that would help build out children's self-esteem, confidence and also provide for physical activity.  We believe we have found that with Gus' CBBA Taekwando.

We have seen an increase in self-esteem and confindence that extends to our children's school, church and social activities.  The values taught in the classes carry over to everyday life.  The attention and instructions given have tremendously helped John and Roswell face and overcome personal challenges. We are exteremly happy and would highly recommend Gus' CBBA to anyone looking to boost their child's self esteem and confidence.

Tim and Becky Whaley

Tanner Jansen

Black Belt Story

When I first started Taekwondo, I didn't know what to expect. But now I'm glad that I went and tried it out. Taekwondo taught me that it takes self-discipline and that you shouldn't give up on your goals. My goal was to become a black belt and through hard work and being patience I have achieved this in my life.

The year that I started Taekwondo my instructor Steve Gus told me some very important words that stayed with me through all of my training and those words were," A black belt is a white belt that never quits." My whole journey to earning my black belt is that I had to earn 10 different belts to become a black belt.

The night of my black belt testing I was so nervous. For a second I couldn't believe that I was there. When I was going through my testing I could see my parents and grandparents sitting in the crowd cheering me on. When the night was over I was a black belt! I was so happy.

I'm so glad that everyone in my classes through out my four years of taekwondo were nice and helpful to me. I had a blast! I would like to thank Steve Gus and all of my other instructors for helping me achieve my goal.

"Steve is absolutey a born leader. His tirless efforts to bring out the best in people is truly a work of art. If you know Steve's background and the fact that he is raising a large family, it only adds the the amazament of his continued energy." 

Skip Lowe

"Steve is an excellent instructor for all levels of tae-kwan-do. Very knowledgeable of all of the belts and degrees of black. Personable with each student and committed to each in achievement of their personal goals with CBBA. Highly dedicated to this art and teaching/sharing it with others." 

Michele Jensen